About Us

At CASEPOINT Capital, we do not subscribe to the old proverb “risk equals reward” and we do not accept the status quo when it comes to excessive taxes on your money. If someone says otherwise, our recommendation is to walk away. To us, it’s all about staying power with proven strategies that have been stress tested for decades.

With more than 15 years of industry experience, we have firsthand knowledge on how best to protect your capital while maximizing every dollar to its fullest potential. In fact, our Dual Compounding system (one dollar earns two returns) using cash flowing multifamily real estate and cash accumulating permanent life insurance, you can increase your returns up to 20% or more.

Founded as a boutique Private Equity firm in 2002 with an initial focus on multi-tenant commercial real estate, CASEPOINT Capital has expanded its core competencies to include multifamily real estate and tax efficient passive income.