Keeping Your Money

February 9, 2016

BEFORE IMPLEMENTING THE CAPITAL WAREHOUSE. This is a typical snap shot of the financial status for a middle/upper middle class family. Over the course of 40 years a family will pay roughly […]

Is a Penny Worth a Million Dollars?

January 12, 2016

WHAT IS THE FINANCIAL OUTCOME WHEN YOU DOUBLE A PENNY EVERY DAY FOR 31 DAYS? A:   $1,000     B:$100,000   C:$1,000,000  or  D:$10,000,000 Let’s do some basic math: Day   1: $.01 Day 2: $.02 […]

One Proven Way to Best the Beast

December 8, 2015

IN AN EARLIER POST I MENTIONED THE POWER OF A PROVEN PROCESS OR SYSTEM. A system, when structured properly, can compliment and/or enhance your current investment system/strategy with substantial upside opportunities. One […]

Your Investment Products Could Be A Killer

November 10, 2015

DO YOU LEAD YOUR INVESTMENT WITH A PRODUCT OR A SYSTEM? The Product Who has the best tasting hamburgers in the world?  Your dad, the local burger joint in your hometown, a […]

It’s All About The Yield

October 13, 2015

KNOW YOUR YIELD AS IT IS THE REAL NUMBER. Many times I have met with people to ask some very simple questions.  This is to help us both better understand what is […]

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